Surveying & ECI

Topographical Surveys

Our surveyors have considerable experience in carrying out fully detailed topographical surveys using multiple techniques. We can output to 3D drawing files, containing volume calculations and analysis.

We utilise the latest GPS equipment to set up control on site, carry out topographical surveys for existing ground conditions and as-built information and to fix control for full GPS machine control on site.

GPS Surveys & GPS Control Installation

With the majority of our Earthworks plant benefitting from GPS machine control, we are able to set up control on site for full GPS use across multiple platforms and sub-contractors. This control can also be used by our clients for undertaking other elements of the work or confirming earthworks quantities on site.

Our design team are able to convert two dimensional models and sketches into full three dimensional terrain models. This can then be used for the GPS machine control, enabling works to be undertaken quicker and more efficiently without the requirement of setting out. Any revisions can be input immediately via GPRS resolving any delays in setting out and subsequent risks to programme.

Design and Early Contractor Involvement (ECI)

Utilising the latest software and technology and through our extensive experience in the earthworks industry, we offer our customers a design and Early Contractor Involvement service to ensure that design proposals taken forward are cost effective, practical and mitigate risk. We are happy to meet you at your design offices or on site to discuss through proposals.

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