We are able to carry out all types of surveying work using Total stations and GPS. (Using the latest Trimble Instruments)

Topographical Surveys

Our surveyors have considerable experience of carrying out surveys of this nature and can undertake fully detailed topographical surveys . We currently use Terramodel and LSS for the processing of surveys we have several years of experience using these packages These files can be output in other versions of CAD depending on the clients requirement. Volume calculations can be produced from these packages.

GPS Surveys & GPS Control Installation

We have the latest GPS equipment and this is used to set up control on site and to carry out topographical surveys of new sites, checking work done and fix control for GPS machine base stations.

The clients 2D designs can be converted into 3D terrain models and used in the GPS machine control. This enables the work to be carried out quicker and more efficiently without the requirement of setting out. Any revisions can be input straight away resolving any delays in setting out .